White Paper v 1.4

This whitepaper will give you an insight of how CAPRA can work. Now CAPRA has an open agenda and currently no taxes, fees or transaction limit.

October 31st 2022
Capra-XT (CAPRA)

In the decentralized cyberspace of crypto, assets are constantly designing dramatic price chart mountains.  These are reflections of our actions, expressed through transactions in different systems. At the peaks there are really harsh conditions, roughened conflicts of interest, a constant fight. 
-These conditions are truly hostile and able to harm great projects.

CAPRA intention is to epower other cryptos in these conditions.

Table of contents

The Capra Ibex
Basis of choices
Marketing and utility.

We – the volunteer team.
We are a family driven project. Our countries of origin: Norway & the UK. We are honest, and success for us will be a fully satisfied community of partners. We will build this culture: Respect, Trust, Innovation, Creativity and Generosity. CAPRA is built as a long term investment adaptable to a changing market.
We will never rug pull!

In two years time: Capra is known as a powerful tool for crypto-empowerment! CAPRA investors see high volatility as beneficial, they profit from it as they have ownership in all rewards from CAPRA transactions. Many of our initial investors are still with us, they have profited from their initial investment without ever selling, and will follow us for decades to come. Two years have built trust amongst us. The CAPRA Community trusts us, the culture is strong and positive.

In ten years our community has completed several projects with several assets. Our investors and partners have been with us for several years, their initial investment has grown exponentially. The cryptoworld see CAPRA as a highly valued service partner, and the most profitable burn-portal on the planet. Investors see CAPRA as a proven golden ticket to high rentability.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is for entertaining purposes only and is not investment or financial advice. All opinions presented are solely our own. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions. None of the information on this website constitutes, or should be relied on as, a suggestion, offer, or other solicitation to engage in, or refrain from engaging in, any purchase, sale, or any other  investment-related activity. Cryptocurrency investments are higly volatile and high risk in nature. Please don’t invest more than what you can afford to lose.

The Capra Ibex
As Capra is intended to benefit from the harsh conditions of volatile crypto, the descriptions of the Capra Ibex was a perfect match. It thrives in harsh steep, rough terrain at elevations of 1,800 to 3,300 m.  Its ingenious design enables it to effortlessly climb and overcome virtually any terrain.

-We hope to imitate it in cyberspace.


Capra XT Bep20 (CAPRA on BSC0x13fadeb7eccaf00688f518ecbe975c1458f1c1d6

Capra XT is a fixed system for an alternative crypto to decrease supply & increase its demand. This way it is designed as a “rewarding burn-portal” giving communities extended control of their Crypto.

CAPRA has a flexible source code which enables it to change the Crypto it rewards as the voters deside. It is applicable for every crypto tradable in Pancakeswap

CAPRA is built with an automated reflection/reward distributer. This distributer interacts with the alternative Crypto.


Because extended control of the crypto price, interests millions of investors and a multi billion dollar market. 

There is a repetitive pattern of trending cryptos surging, and then sky diving. Their powerful and strong communities awaits for new surges, but there are conflicts of interest spoiling this success.

To prevent the harmful sky-dives and trigger stable growth there needs to be an increase of demand and a decrease of supply. Strong communities with the right tool, will have an immense power of their crypto price.


16% rewards to all CAPRA holders from all CAPRA transactions (buy, sell, send) CAPRA is built with an automated reflection/reward distributer, which interacts with the additional crypto.

We agree of cooperating for a certain time periode or of a price goal.

We announce a launch date and time, and start.

Of the additonal crypto:

  • CAPRA burn 5.6% of all transactions!
  • CAPRA generates 10.4% passive income from all transactions!
  • CAPRA fund its own marketing.

Approximate trade & burn impact calculation of $ 100 000 CAPRA trading volume.

Rewards $ 16000:

Burn $ 5 600 worth of the additional crypto.

Reward $ 10 400 worth of the additional crypto.

Capra XT (CAPRA) is a BSC Bep20 community-owned Reflection/ Reward token, designed to empower other cryptocurrencies. The alternative crypto is automatically rewarded proportionally to the amount of Capra one holds. 

Reward distributer: There is an automated queue system for the rewards. It is triggered when it has reached the value of about 12 000 000 CAPRA which it in the following sell or send transaction of CAPRA swaps for the set Reward Token. If the Distributer runs out of gas, it continues the automated rewards when there is enough gas again.

Total supply is set: 10 000 000 000 tokens  (10 billion)
Contract address: 0x13fadeB7eccaf00688F518ECBe975c1458f1c1d6
Decimals: 9 18 % transaction tax (buy, sell, send) divided into: 2% liquidity and 16% reflection rewards.

Tokens are divided into: Pancakeswap 55% of all tokens Dead wallet 35% of all tokens. Marketing wallet 4% of all tokens ABW start of: +2% of all tokens Teams wallet 4% of all tokens.

Dead wallet
Transaction hash

As it holds 35% of all tokens, it will receive 5,6% of the transaction total as rewards. As HAM Rewards are automatically sent to all holders of CAPRA, the HAM tokens are automatically burned when sent to this wallet. This wallet is inaccessible.

Marketing wallet 0x3e23cdB0aa0256Ae4275078564Eb617FB2f7D4F9
As this wallet holds 4% of  all tokens, it will receive 0,64 % of the transaction total as rewards. If it by December the 1st 2022, has fulfilled its purpose, 2 or 3% of its tokens can be injected into the system like the ABW, or it can be burned. It is owned by the community.

ABW (Antagonistic Behaviour Wallet) 0xA9615914da4cc636E7C62C5a1Fc931D1eD098325
Start off: 2% of all tokens. This wallet is dynamic.
Its main purpose: Inject value through the transaction system at beneficial times.
Buy or sell transactions inject 18% of every trade into the system, boosting rewards, and fills up the dead wallet. It can also be used in alternative ways the voters wants it to. It is owned by the community.                                             

Team wallet 0xfD4184a151AA67Ab75Ffe09143a9750582Abb4fA
As it holds 4 % of  all tokens, it will receive 0,64 % of the transaction total as rewards. It will not grow in CAPRA tokens. It is bound by the same transaction limit as others (limit of max. 10 million CAPRA).

Pancakeswap Liquidity Provider tokens have been sent to the dead address, which makes them inaccessible and prevents a rug pull.

Anti Whale

  • Buy and sell limit pr trade 0,1 % of total supply. (10 000 000)
  • Maximum 1 % of the total supply in each wallet. (100 000 000)
  • Transactions  between wallets are taxed 18%

Contract Open source Code. (This means anyone can look at the token code)

Wallets rewards will pay of the governmental taxes.

Basis of choices

Community owned
Instead of creating a totally new market for CAPRA. We appeal to the strong existing market that’s represented through powerful communities.

By giving ownership to a community we are encouraging our investors and we are building trust. By having a community there are more advisors, more intellect, more creativity, more fun, much much more power. We are to empower communities. The Contract, Marketing wallet and the ABW are all owned by the community.

In the future: 
Which strong crypto community would not like the price of their crypto to increase?

By reaching out to new communities when missions are accomplished, there will not be an end for CAPRA as long as there exists crypto.

Bsc BEP 20
This is our choice due to the low transaction fees, benefiting all of our investors.

Liquidity and amounts of tokens.
Our Liquidity pool in pancakeswap:
4 BNB / 5.5 billion tokens (5 500 000 000)

When you add liquidity to pancakeswap, the liquidity provider is able to redraw the tokens and liquidity at any time. This is how many rug pulls are made. The liquidity provider also receives a 0.17% fee from every transaction. As of reassuring no rug pull, we have sent the LP tokens to the dead wallet and  made them inaccessible.

To determine the Ratio in the pool, these points made us make up our mind:

-We want everyone to be able to join us. The liquidity ratio makes the starting price low and gives an opportunity to all, rich or poor, to leverage their initial investment exponentially.
-If we were to gather liquidity providers (Investors), they would want something in return, we would need to use time with them, and they would probably slow us down. 
-Liquidity providers would claim the liquidity fee from pancakeswap.

Pancakeswap runs with the BSC system and often has a daily trading volume in the 1 billion dollar class ( https://pancakeswap.finance/info ) it represents a powerful clientele. 

Reflection and Rewards
Transaction taxes make CAPRA able to interact with the alternative crypto. The reflection and reward system makes this tax system flexible.

In the start the marketing wallet contains 4 % of the tokens, which gives rewards to pay off marketing. However, as the project progresses and it has served its purpose, we can adjust this wallet to the present need and give its additional power back to the system through transactions. We can also make the ABW more powerful.

If we used a fixed transaction tax of 0.64 % to Marketing, we would have to enter and re-code the contract every time we needed to adjust it.

18 % Tax  -16% Rewards -2% Liquidity
To make a powerful impact of the alternative Crypto there is a high tax.

This transaction tax likely also makes investors want to hold onto their CAPRA for a longer period of time to profit from their initial investment. This again leads to a higher amount of rewards paid out to each wallet, and we think most people will reconsider selling because of that. And again: Demand & Supply. As investors find it lucrative to hold on to Capra, the demand increases, supply decreases and price grows, trading volume grows, system power grows.

It is not known to us that any other token has a higher reward than Capra XT.

35 % CAPRA tokens to dead address.
Of the 16% tax 5.6 % goes to the dead wallet. This is approximately 1/3 of the total Rewards. We found it logical that rewards to holders should be much more than the amount we burn, and that is how we came to the ratio of 35 % tokens to the dead wallet. 

Considering what a dead wallet actually does, CAPRA holders will have the same effect as the dead wallet on the price, lowering the supply in the liquidity pools. 

It is not known to us that any other token or any other system has the potential impact on other Crypto then what Capra XT presents.

Marketing and Utility
The Marketing wallet receives rewards like any other wallet holding CAPRA. To gain utility for the alternative crypto, CAPRA can buy services with the alternative crypto to push adoption. 

CAPRA can push service suppliers to take the alternative crypto as payment. The community can vote on suggestions and take a central role in creative marketing.

If not needed, the AB and Marketing wallets can be distributed to all holders through to the system or be burned.

Can you see that High volatility will be profitable for CAPRA holders?

High volatility means high trading volume. High trading volume means a lot of transactions. A lot of transactions means a lot of power to burn and reward through the 18% tax.

Talk to you guys and women later, hope you like…everything.
Your fellow human beings.

– We.